Louisiana Primary Today, But Does It Matter?

Louisiana PrimaryLouisiana holds its Republican Presidential Primary today, and Rick Santorum is favored fairly heavily to win.  But is anybody paying attention?  Other than encouraging Santorum to stay in the race and continue to drag the party down, will this matter in the grand scheme of things?

It will not have an impact in terms of the eventual nominee, Mitt Romney, but it will likely continue this fiasco that shows, once again, just how much disarray there is in the Republican party.

Santorum will likely win the Louisiana contest and use this as evidence that Romney can’t win in the South.  This argument will not win the nomination for Santorum, because it seems no one cares.  Paul Steinhauser, CNN Political Editor, puts it this way:


Rick Santorum has a very good chance of scoring a major victory in Saturday’s Republican presidential primary in Louisiana, but the big question is whether it will still matter.


Polls released the past couple of days indicate the former senator from Pennsylvania with a double-digit lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, among those likely to vote in Louisiana’s contest.


But since Romney’s 12-point victory over Santorum, his nearest rival in the battle for the GOP nomination, in the Illinois primary on Tuesday, the conversation appears to have changed.


“Santorum can’t lose this and it doesn’t look like he will. He will argue that the victory proves Romney can’t win in the South, the bedrock of the Republican Party. But will anyone be listening,” CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley said. “Inside the party, there is a full-blown push to close this thing down,” evidenced by the support for Romney from Jeb Bush and Jim DeMint.

From CNN Politics

Santorum has surprised me since the beginning, so we’ll see what happens next.


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