Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

inside congressThe rest of us, the Faceless Crowd,  are stuck in the middle.  That is the purpose of the blog.   It is a place for me to rant about all of the foolishness I see,  since like many others, I feel I generally have no voice.  Perhaps I should have called this the Voiceless Blogger!

I have no idea in what  direction this blog will go, or indeed, if it will go anywhere.  I can guarantee a few things, however.  This space will be only my opinion.  I will not insult you by presuming to speak for you.  It infuriates me to hear a politician say, “the American people want this,” or, “the American people do not want that.”   I understand that is the idea behind a representative government, but I find they generally do not speak for me, regardless of their CNN or Fox News soundbites.

Being that this is only my opinion, the only claim I make to its truth is that it is true for me.   I don’t claim to be 100% correct or factual.  I will not intentionally state a falsehood, but I am given to hyperbole.

I can guarantee this blog will not be politically correct.  I don’t think that way, and it actually concerns me that people do.   I am speaking of the ridiculous, the way-over-the-top PC Speak.   For example, someone reading this will twist it to say that it means I believe in hate speech.    And if I respond by saying don’t be an idiot, they’ll use that to prove their point!   Listen, I support sensitivity to a point, but when it is ridiculous, I will say so.

I will most certainly piss someone off.  Probably several someones.  I’ll tick the right off because I tend to lean a little left of center on some social issues.   Which will then piss off the left because I don’t support all of their social agenda.  I will further annoy the left by leaning a bit right of center on fiscal and national defense issues.  In turn, the right will be angry that I don’t follow along with all of their agenda.   The fundamentalists will criticize because I follow no particular organized religion, and the atheists will contemplate calling the ACLU because I am not offended by a moment of silence before a sporting event, or by the 10 Commandments (thou shalt not kill –  sounds reasonable to me, I don’t care whose book it came out of!) or a Star of David on a public building.   And so on…

So read it or don’t.     Laugh, get pissed, cheer it, curse it, agree or disagree.   Doesn’t matter.  It is what it is – an unheard voice in a faceless crowd…

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