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Back In The Saddle - Political NewsAfter a long hiatus, the Faceless Blogger is back!  I have taken most of the last two years off from blogging, due to a variety of personal and professional reasons, including the state of our national economy.  But I am back, and will continue to point out the craziness in our system, at least as I see it.  As before, I will not be politically correct, and will likely offend people of all persuasions.

So what exactly has changed in two years on our national political scene? As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The House has changed hands, but is still ineffective.  Nancy Pelosi is still in charge of her party in the House, despite losing control of the House.  Not sure of the reasoning there, but it seems to go along the lines of “Hey, you did such a terrible job as Leader, we want to put you back in a leadership position!”  Things that make you go hmm….

Which seems to be a pattern in Democratic leadership.  How else do they come up with some of these people?  How did Obama come up with some of the Cabinet picks?   Let’s see, did it go something like this?:

"Which state had the absolute worst record on border security?"
 "That's easy - Arizona."
 "Ok, and who oversaw this debacle?"
 "Janet Napolitano."
 "Great!  Let's put her in charge of security for the whole country!"

Seriously! How else do we end up with Eric “I’m not a criminal, I’m simply incompetent” Holder as Attorney General.  One of the things Obama said during the ’08 campaign that I was impressed by was his statement that  “I will appoint an Attorney General who is not John Ashcroft!” I fully agreed with him.  Little did I know we would go from competent but totally over-reaching to completely incompetent and ineffective, if not downright dangerous!

I’ll grant you that NO ONE can possibly be prepared to take the job of the presidency – it is simply too big.  Which is precisely why one should surround oneself with people who are prepared in the individual responsibilities to which they are appointed.  Placing unqualified, unprepared individuals in positions of leadership totally baffles me.  This would be akin to, say, choosing a totally unqualified running mate as VP.  Wait… ok… you’re right…

And speaking of running mates.. this is a great time to jump back into this blog, what, with all the (yawn) excitement of the Republican primary campaigns.

On Wednesday, Santorum’s campaign posted a photo on Twitter of the candidate using an Etch A Sketch, saying it showed him “studying up on (Romney’s) policy positions.”


A website unveiled Thursday by the Gingrich campaign features the Fehrnstrom quote above an Etch A Sketch that highlights Romney’s policy shifts when viewers hit a prompt labeled “shake.” Written on the drawing toy is “Mitt’s Etch A Sketch Principles.”           

From CNN Politics

Santorum and Gingrich – what a joy those two are.  the fact that they are even part of the conversation is amazing – I mean, look at the last time I mentioned  Rick Santorum! And it looks like Romney needs to Etch A Sketch Fehrnstom’s media appearances!

Ok, anyone I haven’t pissed off yet?  Aren’t you glad I’m back!


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